1. V

    XNA Tutorials

    Hello! Could anyone possibly link me to a good XNA Tutorial in vb.net? I looked up "vb.net xna tutorials" but all I could find was outdated or not-continued tutorials.... I have also looked at some amazon books but couldn't find any.. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Grayda

    Reflection 'ambiguous match' error

    For a bit of self education, I'm writing a game using XNA and using NLua for scripting. I've got three classes, clsBase (which defines the functions and subs all things in the game must be able to do), clsSprite (which is objects such as doors) and clsPlayer. The last two inherit from clsBase so...
  3. N

    Using multiple XNA areas in a Windows Phone Silverlight and XNA Application

    I am currently working on an app that uses the "Windows Phone Silverlight and XNA Application" template. I am new to XNA, but I have managed to get it to do most of the things I want. However, I need to show these things in multiple places on the same page in my app. Because I am using the 3D...
  4. N

    Question Creating 3D XNA using DrawIndexedPrimitives

    I am relatively new to 3D (and XNA in general), and am working on my first project involving 3D. Right now, I am simply trying to make sure I understand how to draw a triangle using the DrawIndexedPrimitives method. I have been able to draw one using the following: In my override of LoadContent...
  5. E

    Question Reflection Error Loading Assembly

    Hi all! i am writing a simple games client using an XNA 2.0 engine to play games. The games are written in dll files and the client uses the assembly.loadfrom method to read and execute the games accordingly... Now this all works fine on my computer and my laptop. However when i give it to my...