Using multiple XNA areas in a Windows Phone Silverlight and XNA Application


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Mar 16, 2011
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I am currently working on an app that uses the "Windows Phone Silverlight and XNA Application" template. I am new to XNA, but I have managed to get it to do most of the things I want. However, I need to show these things in multiple places on the same page in my app. Because I am using the 3D features of XNA, this is nearly impossible using just XNA (there would be so many calculations it would be almost pointless). I heard something about a XAML tag called DrawingSurface, but if I understood correctly it was only for Silverlight 5, which would make it useless for Windows Phone 7, since the latest version of Silverlight supported by Windows Phone 7 is Silverlight 4. Is there any way to have multiple XNA areas in my app layout? Thanks.
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