1. S

    Instr Returns 0

    This line returns false. InStr(rslt.Name, resultName, CompareMethod.Text) > 0 It should be returning true since the result of Instr should be 3. In the watch window rslt.Name = "2-Thickness" and resultName = "Thickness" The function that this line is a part of is part of the base class and is...
  2. E

    Question Transcode UNICODE- to IA5-String

    How you can transcode an UNICODE-String into an IA5-String with VB.NET ?
  3. CraftMuch

    Answered Best way to compare a string format?

    Say I have a string format "people(<no.people>)" and I want to compare another string "people(5)". If the string fits the format it will return true, otherwise it will return false. "people(5)" will return true "people(5243)" will return true "people(5)5" will return false "people" will return...
  4. M

    Question Add item to Combobox

    Hello! Currently, I'm working on project, where I would like to use two Windows Forms. First one should be Administrator Form and the second one User form. I would like to know, if it's possible to call String Collection Editor for combobox after button1.click_event in first form, and add...
  5. JB2012

    Stringbuilder generator

    Hey all, I got so sick of coding Stringbuilder objects around queries and other text that I put together an automated Stringbuilder code generator: Enjoy, Jeff
  6. richard.cassell

    Creating an object using a literal string which contains the required type.

    Hi all, I'm writing some software which allows the user to draw diagrams containing nodes and controls, each representing an Object of a Class. As part of this, i'm coding save/load functionality using XML documents. My problem is that i have a tag in the XML which holds the Type of the object...
  7. R

    Question Spliting records into variable formats

    Hi I am splitting data from an ASCII file generated by another system which has records of a varied format. The first 2 characters in each record are used to indicate the structure of the remaining data in the record. For example: 1 2 3 4 5...
  8. jessethebuilder

    Help Communicating Between Forms

    I am a a self-taught programmer so there are some huge gaps in my understanding about programming, but I will try to explain my problem as best I can. I have found the help on vbdotnetforums to be exemplary, and I thank any of you for your help in advance. I am using VS2010. I am writing a...
  9. C

    Remove only TRAILING Whitespace?

    Hi all, I'm having difficulty with some strings of varying 'meaningful' length from a different database (not under my control) that I am trying to trim in my code. I only want to remove TRAILING whitespace... therefore, I can't really use .trim method. The reasoning behind this being...
  10. J

    Question 'Conversion from string to type double is not valid' error!

    I wanna perform a function like this. When you save a record, I need the primary key of that record to be auto-generated (X001). Say, when you create a new record and save it, it should be saved like X002 automatically. So to test this before I implement that on this project I'm working on, I...
  11. N

    Question How do I convert an xml file (tags and all) to string?

    I am writing a program in vb 2010. I need to protect the xml file which contains price information. It doesn't need to be hard-core encrypted, so I want to convert either the values in the elements, or the entire xml to Base64, then decode at runtime into my variables so that no one can look at...
  12. O

    Question Reading a text from a binary file, changing and saving.

    Hi, I'm new to VB and trying to figure out how I can replace a bit of descriptive text in a binary file. I presume its binary as I cant open it with anything but a hex editor. I've changed the text (file description) in the hex editor and saved it fine but I'm unsure how I go about saving just...
  13. S

    Question Reference a previously created datatable by entering a string?

    I want a quick way to be able to see all of the data that is currently in a DataTable. I want to be able to reference the name of the DataTable by entering string into a TextBox, have my program recognise that it's a DataTable that has data in it, and display that data in a DataGridView. Maybe...
  14. A

    Question Custom formatting of decimal numbers

    I'm having a bit of an issue getting the number formatting of VB .NET 3.5 to work just right for me. I have to convert numbers to scientific notation, with 2 digits for the exponent and 6 digits after the decimal. I've been able to get this for numbers that have enough digits, but for other...
  15. S

    Question Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() splits string with spaces in it sometimes not others

    Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() splits string with spaces in it sometimes but not others, want to avoid this. EXAMPLE 1: command Line Arg (WRONG) @rpt=D:Test.rpt,@dsn=Test.dsn,@export=pdf,@destination=D:\AutoRpt\Test.pdf,@@startd=-1,@@endd=0,@@whichclient=Joe Bloggs,@Email=no,@EmailParam=1...
  16. A

    Question Text file Reading and Storing values to Specific Structure

    Dear All I am trying to Read the text file line by line and also want to store the data with specific structure for calculation. Basically its a Coma(,) Delineated text string following a specific paten. **********************************************************************************...
  17. D

    Question pick a random?

    Hey Guys, Im not so good at VB.NET , and ive been learning for about 3 months. I would really appreciate it if you guys would help me tackle this problem down. Well , im helping a school run a Spelling Bee aimed at children in year 7. And to make it fair and unbiased i need an application...
  18. mig_akira

    Need to check part of a string to see if it matches another string

    Hello everyone. In an application, I have some folders and must check if one is "inside" another, as in: folder1->folder2->folder3->folder4 It's important to check only if any of the above folders are inside folder1. The complete path of the folder is stored as a string in folder.path. In...
  19. D

    Question text file parse to xml questions

    Here is my problem I'm trying to solve: I have a robot which via a serial connection passes the following data which I log in hyperterminal into a txt file: +++ASP:273,THH:0,RLL:0,PCH:0,*** +++ASP:37,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:2,*** +++ASP:27,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,*** +++ASP:19,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,***...
  20. S

    Question Convert string to syntax ?!?

    Hi every body I wonder if there is a Type that converts a string to a VB syntax to be read by the compiler. for example: Dim command1, command2, command3 As what??! Dim drv as DataSet.Datarow drv = CType(BindingSource.Current, DataRowView).Row drv.K01=...