1. S

    Question How Best to organise different data?

    Hi all, I am about to create an application to playback recorded data. The data is held in zip files, each with a text file for serial data (wind speed and direction, position etc), there will be multiple PNG files for screen captures and also up to 10 WAV files for sound recording. I have...
  2. K

    Question Need a code for microphone volume changer

    I was have one program which control speaker and microphone volume level. First you must choose driver (ex. Realtek Sound - for sound control). Then track bar appear and I can control level. Now I again need this code. Please help. P.S. Sorry for my english, its bad :D I have this project, but...
  3. pritam6012

    System.Media.SoundPlayer help

    I am trying to play multiple sounds in, but unable to play. Only the last file is played. i.e. "2.wav" When debugged, both "1.wav" & "2.wav" is playing. But in normal mode, only the last file is played. I wrote the following code. Public Class Form1 Dim sound As New...
  4. J

    Question DirectSound

    I did not see a forum that relates specifically to direct sound so please forgive me if there is one and I did not see it. My question is this, is there anyone out there that can give me the most basic hello world example of how to record sound from the speaker out connection, and the mic in...
  5. W

    play a sound file

    I want my program to play sounds when an object is hovered, but I don't know how to code it... HELP! ^_^ :confused::confused::confused: thanks in advance...^_^ ;););)
  6. M

    Question Mute and unmute master volume?

    How can I unmute master volume in I know how to increase and decrease but if it is turned off it wont start any sounds. Hope someone can help me // Sorry for bad english, if you dont understand just ask
  7. P

    Record all sound from a form or control

    Hi, I need to record all the sound that is made from a flash swf in I don't mind how I do it but I don't want to record all the sound from the whole computer through the sound card I only want the sound from my program. Doing it through a webbrowser control with the swf embedded in a...
  8. K

    How to compare sounds

    Hello Everyone! I’m trying to develop a system that will allow me to compare sounds/sound waves with each other using VB .net, can i ask if this is possible using the said langauage? If so can you direct me to the things that i might need to study in order to develop the said system? And if...
  9. SuperRoach

    Question Sound playback with variables instead of a string errors out

    Hello there, I am writing a very simple app that grabs a folder and makes a button for each one of them. The user can then click on the button, and have it play a random sound file located inside that one. Very rudimentary, but fun to try out. Public Sub PlayFolderSound(ByVal sender As...