1. N

    Question Page not refreshing after logging out with LoginStatus

    I have a Master Page that contains a LoginStatus control. Obviously some (but not all) of my pages are protected and therefore automatically send you to the login page if you are not logged in when you try to request them. If I go to one of the protected pages, login, and then click Logout...
  2. N

    Question Detecting whether anyone is logged in

    I am currently working on a Web Application that uses ASP.NET Membership. There are multiple places that I need to determine whether a user is logged in (Pages, Master Pages, UserControls, classes that I write, etc.). I have tried the following: IsNothing(Membership.GetUser())...
  3. L

    Security.Exception when calling .net dll function

    I am using a .NET assembly written by a small company for automation of their hardware. it is not signed, etc. and that's not an option. i am getting security exceptions for certain calls. Strangely, if i do the calls within a new thread, i don't have these problems, when i call them within the...
  4. M

    Question Decrypt the XML file encrypted on SAP server using SSF API

    Hi all, We have an encrypted xml file. Encrypted file contains the encrypted secret key and encrypted data. ( both are in a single packet). How to proceed with the decryption of the single data packet which contains bothe secrete key and data in the encrypted format? Format used for...
  5. Administrator

    Tip Protecting your DLL's from being referenced by other than your app

    I read a nice article in CODE magazine this month by Paul Sheriff on protecting code. Nice tip on strong naming and protecting your assemblies from other users referencing your DLL's. Keep in mind this does NOT work on ASP.NET. CODE Magazine - Article: Licensing and Obfuscation
  6. Administrator

    Question clientCredentialType Basic or Windows?

    Hello, I have several WCF wsHttp services using Transport security over an SSL connection. Presently I use "Windows" for the clientCredentialType and all has worked fine with exception of one scenario where my e-commerce site (its own SSL) had a problem communicating with the other server via...
  7. K

    What am i doing wrong?

    Hello, i'm having trouble with the security of my porgram... it does check if Tio-Hack.exe.config exists, but it doesn't do things that are beneath the if statement there... here my code: Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load...
  8. Skavenger0

    Hard Coded Admin Access

    Im writing a program that needs to read various files. One of these files is in the All Users Folder and requires admin access to read. I am the Domain and IT Admin so I have full access to everything. I have tried allowing normal users read access to the file through group policy to little...
  9. C

    Question Visual Basic 2008 read permission help.

    Hello, i'm working on an app that reads bit of code of each file of system32. Anyway, don't worry about that part, but even if I run as administrator, it won't let me access the path. It says, 'Access to "C:\Windows\System32\cpa031033.cpx" is denied' and stuff like that. How could I fix...
  10. duncan_bayne

    OffByZero Cobalt: turnkey software licensing & copy protection

    OffByZero is proud to release OffByZero Cobalt, a turnkey licensing and copy protection solution that integrates in minutes with .NET applications. OffByZero Cobalt lets you: easily add software licensing to your products prevent unauthorised installations create and manage licenses...
  11. H

    Securing Connection String Data

    Hi All, I wonder if you can help me understand a piece of code a little more. I'm currently working my way through an MCTS Self Paced Training Kit (70-505, Chapter 5, Lesson 6). This particular lesson teaches you about securing connection string data. It explains the basic premise, and asks you...
  12. T


    Hi all, I am getting this error for a long time and when googled it turned out that the error can be fixed using the medium trust level and teh minimal trust config files. even after changing teh SqL client permissions web_mediumtrust.config and web_miminaltrust.config files, I am stuck with...
  13. Adagio

    Outlook security... register com object... clickonce

    I have now spent a long time trying to figure out how to fix this problem, hoping someone here could give me some hints What I'm trying to do: I need a way to save mail items to a folder on the computer What I have done so far: I created a component, where you could drag a mail item from...
  14. S

    Vista Service Security question

    Hi, Hopefully someone will be able to answer this... We have developed an application for our business that that will run on either a machine on a W2003 domain or any of the home user flavours of windows that are available and still supported by Microsoft. User could be using a company laptop...
  15. J

    Question secure serialization over tcp/ip network

    hey, just wondering, i was working with serialization and i serialized data to my local system, then clicked a button and it deserialized the information fine, on my local machine, but when i send it over the tcpclient/listener stream, on my server side where it reads it, it wont deserialize...