OffByZero Cobalt: turnkey software licensing & copy protection


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Oct 1, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
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OffByZero is proud to release OffByZero Cobalt, a turnkey licensing and copy protection solution that integrates in minutes with .NET applications.

OffByZero Cobalt lets you:

  • easily add software licensing to your products
  • prevent unauthorised installations
  • create and manage licenses through a secure web interface
  • configure licences dynamically across your entire installation base
  • provide offline licences that never call home
  • provide concurrent licensing of your products
  • integrate with your online store
  • monitor license usage
  • control product use on Citrix™ or Terminal Services
  • call home and validate the licence with a configured frequency
  • enable or disable particular features of your products
  • optionally expire by a certain date
  • demonstrate your products, or features of your products

System documentation:

Free trial:

The trial is not time limited and can be used to do a full product integration to test out the solution for your needs. We have a variety of purchase types from ready-hosted solutions, to self-hosted machines that you buy and add to your data centre.

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