1. F

    Using a string name to return a type in an assembly

    Hi, I'm not great with reflection and I hope I chose the right category. I have an interesting problem. I have written a report using devexpress reports. This involves a line of code like this: lxListData = New System.Collections.Generic.List(Of DLL.Report.ListData) ListData is report...
  2. Grayda

    Reflection 'ambiguous match' error

    For a bit of self education, I'm writing a game using XNA and using NLua for scripting. I've got three classes, clsBase (which defines the functions and subs all things in the game must be able to do), clsSprite (which is objects such as doors) and clsPlayer. The last two inherit from clsBase so...
  3. S

    Using reflection in Windows form to get values

    Dear ALL, I have the following class: I am able to get all the public fields inside class speed using the following code: For Each rField As FieldInfo In _axes.ctrl(j).spd.GetType().GetFields(BindingFlags.Public Or BindingFlags.Instance) Dim iType As Double...
  4. N

    Question Parameter Count Mismatch when Iterating Properties

    I have a function that I am using to iterate and display the names & values of all the properties of an object. Here is my current code: Private Function RequestFormValues(rf As NameValueCollection) As String Dim type As Type = rf.GetType() Dim properties() As System.Reflection.PropertyInfo =...
  5. Mark Century

    Question How Can You Get The Name Of A Class Property?

    How can I get a string with the name of a property at run time? Obviously using GetProperty, as shown below, is NOT a solution since it requires knowing the property name to begin with: Imports System.Reflection Module Module1 Public Class Country Public Property Capital As String...
  6. G

    Question Reflection problem: need help

    When the overriden property ID is passed to the indexer as propertyname="ID" reflection does not recognize it. m_info comes up as nothing. I don't know how to fix it. When i look in the class member viewer the ID property is described as "ID() As Integer" i have tried to pass this as the...
  7. V

    running Unix shell script

    I want to create a vb .net application and in that application, call Attachmate Reflection API to create a unix session to run shell script in the unix box. I am doin it as follows (code below) Prolem 1 - RUO.connect() takes an ConnectionName As Object - ? if i leave this blank a message opens...
  8. E

    Question Reflection Error Loading Assembly

    Hi all! i am writing a simple games client using an XNA 2.0 engine to play games. The games are written in dll files and the client uses the assembly.loadfrom method to read and execute the games accordingly... Now this all works fine on my computer and my laptop. However when i give it to my...
  9. E

    Type.GetType does not work in VB.NET compared to C#

    Friends, I am an experienced C# programmer who is working on a VB.NET project now. I am writing different methods covering the following functionalities 1) Take a datareader as input and return an arraylist of class object 2) Take an xmlnode (received from a webservice) as input and return...