1. R

    UserId & Password With HtmlAgilityPack

    Hey All, I have a simple scenario as follows: Using the RoadKill Wiki engine on a shared hosting package I've created some articles. The wiki is not viewable by the public and requires an email address and password to be entered to view any of the articles. I am working on another small...
  2. B

    Question Convert Hash value to String

    Hello, I stored my password as hash value (i.e., 2353) in SQL Server 2008 and now I need to convert it to string format which i actually inserted password. For eg: 2353 = admin
  3. johnwheal

    Question How to download file from password protected directory

    I'm using and need to download a file (from a given URL). The problem is that the directory is password protected. (Using standard .htpasswd). I have a user name and password and want to automatically download the file. If this is not possible using then please suggest an...
  4. D

    FYI AES 256 Encryption and Password Protect files for distribution via email

    Hi all, i have created a application which can be used as a BO scheduler substitute for sending refreshed report copies. These copies are AES 256 encrypted and password protected. Please refer attached document for description, setup and source code :cool: Thanks
  5. O

    Question Determining password field

    Hey all so basicly im attempting to make a key encoder type application that i want to begin encrypting keystrokes when the user focuses on a password field . Is it possible for a windows forms application to do this and if so how can it be done ?
  6. A

    SQL Server, Password changing and Session timeouts

    First post on here, hello everyone; hopefully I am in the right place to find some help. I have an issue relating somewhat to sessions, password management and SQL Server database using a ASP.NET & VB.NET. The problem is as follows... I want to change my password to my SQL database...
  7. Skavenger0

    Hard Coded Admin Access

    Im writing a program that needs to read various files. One of these files is in the All Users Folder and requires admin access to read. I am the Domain and IT Admin so I have full access to everything. I have tried allowing normal users read access to the file through group policy to little...
  8. R

    Question Saving password within an application settings connection string

    Greetings, I have encrypted my jet database (access 07) and to avoid hard coding my connection within the .net code, created a connection string in the application settings. I discovered in the choose database source wizard has a tickbox "Remember password" is a red herring as it really doesnt...
  9. T

    Active Directory Change Password Help

    I am trying to develop a way for a user to change his/her password through Active Directory. However, I keep receiving the error - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" due to it catching the System.NullReferenceException. Here is my code: Class1.vb: Imports...
  10. C

    Question How to make my MySQL Server more secure ?

    Hi, How to make my MySQL Server more secure beside putting password on it. From : MySqlConnectionString = "Database=dbtest;hostname=localhost;userid=admin;" Become : MySqlConnectionString = "Database=dbtest;hostname=localhost;userid=admin;password=gagigugego;" I am making an application...
  11. G

    Question Encrypted Dataset Column

    Hi, I need a way to handle an encrypted column in a dataset. I have controls bound to a datasource, one of the column is a password column. I need this to show something meaningless (like the encrypted value or a blank) but when something is entered it must be encrypted and saved to the db...
  12. T

    Question Change LDAP Password

    I am creating a windows form app that will allow our IT admins to reset passwords on an old domain we only use sparingly. Throughout my searches I have come across multiple methods of scripting this, but each comes back with some type of error. My current code looks like: Private Sub...
  13. qwertzguy

    How to store a password securely?

    Hello, I have an application that has to login on an online service. And I want peoples to be able to store their password for that online service in my application so that they don't need to enter it each time they launch my application. The thing is how do I store this password safely? So...