SQL Server, Password changing and Session timeouts


Aug 25, 2010
Kent, UK
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First post on here, hello everyone;
hopefully I am in the right place to find some help.

I have an issue relating somewhat to sessions, password management and SQL Server database using a ASP.NET & VB.NET.

The problem is as follows...

  • I want to change my password to my SQL database.
  • Everything works with the original password.
  • I change the password on the server management and in the connection settings of my respective web page..
  • Immediately, everything continues to work.
  • 15 minutes later... problems.
  • I am redirected to my session_timeout page and can not access the database even through SQL Server Management Studio.
  • I change the password back to its original and everything works fine again, and continues to do so beyond the 15 minute period expressed before.
Note: Sessions are set to timeout after 10 minutes.

My analysis:
Simply, the problem occurs when the session times out.

My solution:
Answer the question as to why the session would timeout and/or why a new session is not generated when re-attempting to login and thereby find a way to fix it.

Any thoughts at all on this would be greatly appeciated,

thank you
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