1. S

    Question Listview TopItem Alternatives with Groups

    Hi all, In a function called up the PageUP and PageDown keys, in the presence of a grouping, I need to scroll the items of a listview positioning the first item of the group as the first element of the listview. I saw that the "TopItem" property works only in the absence of groups. I tried this...
  2. S

    Question Listview Item Color

    Hi All, I need your help: i need to change background color of listview items after created it. Specifically: when creating the listview I colored the lines alternately with two different colors (two different shades of gray). Clicking on the column header reorder the rows according to a...
  3. bluezap

    Match desktop file name to name on listview

    Hi, I'm writing a basic uninstaller in I got everything down but I need help with one small aspect. When the user drags and drops a software on the uninstaller I need it to automatically match the listed software on the uninstaller and start the uninstallation dialog immedietely. The way...
  4. F

    Question How to parse <div class> and <a href> innertext to listview control orderly?

    How to parse <div class> and <a href> innertext to listview control orderly? Hi there everyone, Lets say if I have a bunch of div class and a href on my website which I want to parse them to my listview control, how do I do so? <div class="cookie1">5</div> <div class="cookie2">11</div> <div...
  5. E

    Question ListViewItem Drag & Drop With Group Header

    You'll find sample code to illustrate the problem below. Make a new Form in a VS 2013 WinForm Project, paste and run. I have 2 ListView controls and I have Drag & Drop working between the controls. Items can be moved from one control to the other. Items can be rearranged within the control as...
  6. E

    Question Listview Scroll Position (or TopItem)

    I've been scouring the internet for the past couple of days trying to find a solution to this problem, but nothing I've tried has worked. In a nutshell, after the listview refreshes its items, I want the scrolled position to remain where it was, rather than going all the way back to the top. I...
  7. T

    Question Programmatically populate an ImageList collection with all images in folder

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and also a person who is legally blind, meaning it is difficult to read huge volumes of text, but am hopeful I can get answers here. My issue is this: I am writing a WIndows Forms Application (.NET 4.5) and have a Form with the following controls: _ Form1 _...
  8. R

    Question query for getting result ?

    Can anyone help me on this please?? I am trying to make a stock exchange system based on mysql database using vb... So i am stuck on : my sql table : inProduct, OutProduct and Stock... inProduct cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date OutProcust cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date...
  9. margzxero

    Question Listview/Query Export to Excel

    how to export listiview/quert to excel with landspace format?
  10. F

    Question selecting multiple images for conversion (out of listview)

    Ok, I'm writing a app that should convert a list of images to own size (x/y) and format The code works, i can preview, convert the image and change its size (x/y), and output format, I open the filespath of the images as a string via openfiledialog, and list them in a listview example...
  11. E

    Question listview datas to database using background worker

    im trying to make a query that insert all listview datas into database with background worker here the problem For Each SAIitem As ListViewItem In ListViewRIS_ITEMS.Items cmd = New SqlClient.SqlCommand("INSERT INTO SAI_ITEMS(SAI_NO, STOCK_NO, STOCK_CATEGORY...
  12. E

    listview updating a subitem value

    i just want to put that quantity(11) and remarks(remakrs) to listview.subitem(5) and subitem(6) when i click add button, thnks :D
  13. E

    Question How to change the Forecolor of a Listview subitem

    i have a listview with 5 columns or should i say subitems, now what im trying to achieve is.... to change the fore color of column 1(subitems) where i try the ff. codes ListViewUSER_LOAD_SAI_DATA.Items.Subitems(0).Forecolor = Color.Red but it change the forecolor of...
  14. K

    How Do I Scroll The Selected Item in the List View to the Top ?

    So I Have Like 10 Items in the List View. So if i Click The Last Item in the List View How would I scroll it to the Top of the List View ?? Thanks,
  15. A

    Question ListView Items' Transparency Problem

    Hi .Net folks I have a ListView with a background image on my Form, which is related to an ImageList to show up pictures that exist in a folder as thumbnails. Everything works fine and ListView shows up thumbnails correctly. But when I try to use TransparentColor property of ImageList to remove...
  16. T

    Resolved Retrieving the text of a selected ListView item

    Greetings. I have been searching high and low for an answer to this. I've found many answers that are close but not quite what I need. What I want to do is load the text of a selected ListView item into a variable so I can display it in a message box and eventually plug it into a query...
  17. J

    problem with listview

    i'm having problem saving records in my listview into ms access database table , heres my code , Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click Dim con As New OleDbConnection con.ConnectionString = "Provider=...
  18. J

    Question SqlDataRaeader and Subitems in ListView

    I have an employee timekeeping program that I am writing.I have a listview that contains nine columns. They pull the data via SELECT statement from multiple tables in SQL. I have one table called Overtime that contains a column with overtime codes specific to the employees overtime record The...
  19. Grayda

    Loading listbox selected items from a database

    Hi, I was originally going to ask this question, but I did a little poking around and came across the answer myself. Because I couldn't find the answer anywhere else, I thought I'd post it here for others to use. I was writing a program that would save the contents of a listbox to a database...
  20. M

    Question Image files list in listview

    i have code for filling a listbox with files with a specified extension(in this case, jpg files) Imports System Imports System.IO Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Try 'Get jpg files...