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    Question Integrate R libraries

    Dear All, I want to integrate some R functions for matrix into VB.Net application. This is my matrix – to solve C,D,E These are R codes (working properly) > e<- matrix(nrow=3, ncol=3, data=c(5,0,10,0,10,10,10,0,34)) > f<- c(1,0,0) > solve(e,f) [1] 0.4857143 0.0000000 -0.1428571 > So...
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    Available Jr. .NET Programmer in Dublin, OH

    Start Date: IMMEDIATELY! Employee Type: 6 – 9 Mo. Hrs/Wk.: 40 Pay Rate: TEMP =$24 -28/Hr. PERM = 50K -55K DOE Work Status: Green Card or US Citizen Highly Desirable H1B Sponsorship is not available at this time. Corp to Corp is available for Green Card Holders. ROLE: Support Developer P1...