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    Question Cannot fix deserialization error

    I have a class instance that I want to serialize, upload to SkyDrive, download from SkyDrive, and then deserialize. I have the serialization, uploading, and downloading working fine, but the deserialization gives me the following error: There is an error in XML document (2, 2). The generated...
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    Question Cannot Deserialize using XmlSerializer

    I have the following code that serializes an object: Dim stream As New MemoryStream() Dim xml As New XmlSerializer(GetType(SyncData)) xml.Serialize(stream, New SyncData(CType(Application.Current, App).Recipients, CType(Application.Current, App).Gifts)) However, when I later attempt to check...
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    Question Decode cyrillic string (RFC 1522)

    Hi all, I hope you can help me how I can resolve this using VB.NET From a third-party tool I receive a string which is originally in cyrillic (koi8-r) The string is always written in this format: "=?" charset "?" encoding "?" encoded-text "?=" This standard comes from the definition of RFC...
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    Encrypted passwords not translated correctly by control

    I am new to VB .net (2010). We encrypt our passwords and then use data controls to write the information out to Oracle SQL tables. The problem now is (didn't happen with VB6) special characters, such as • are translated incorrectly (and written out) as ¿ for example. How and where can I change...
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    Question Greek Text in ArrayList appears as '????????????'

    Hello all, I've written a Windows application which reads the title of a Window (which is in Greek) and adds it in an Array List. However, when I MessageBox.Show(thatString) it appears as '?????'. Any ideas?
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    Problems with French Characters

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this so apologies if not. (I've already posted on the SQLite forums but no reply so far) I'm using SQLite and have some french words stored in one of the tables eg: When I query the database (into a datatable) and retrieve the string value from...
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    Question Encoding from one encoded format to another

    Hi, I have a challange to convert the detected Encoding format of Text file to selected Encoding format. Like if the detected file is in Utf-8 and if user want to convert the encoding to Utf-16 or ANCII or Unicode. It will happen on one button click and the file will convert to the desired...
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    Question Determining password field

    Hey all so basicly im attempting to make a key encoder type application that i want to begin encrypting keystrokes when the user focuses on a password field . Is it possible for a windows forms application to do this and if so how can it be done ?
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    Need help related to UrlDecode

    Hi, I am having issues with Japnese character encoding and decoding. Goto Google Search for EF 奨学金 海外 留学 Click on the link for ‚Z—¯Šw‚È‚çEF - | ‚ZŒðŠ·—¯Šw View Source and s.prop9='EF 螂ィ蟄ヲ驥・豬キ螟・逡吝ュヲ'; to get japnese characters you need to view original source in IEDeveloper. When I view the...
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    Question String conversion to Byte

    While converting my String to Byte I'm getting all my space characters 0x20 converted to 0x3F, which corresponds with á I've search the web, but I didn't find anything that might help me... I'm using te following code: Dim Msg As String = "Hello World!" Dim sendByte() As Byte =...