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    SQL - Between Command - Date range

    Hi, 2010, Windows 7 I need to filter records according date Range from mysql table. I tried to use following command. Public DtRpt As New DataTable("DTReport") DtRpt = Nothing DtRpt = GetDataFromTable("SELECT * FROM tblTransaction WHERE TransDate BETWEEN '" & DTPFrom.Value & "' AND '"...
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    Question update problem

    Hi there, i've written all my code up to send or create data in access however I keep receiving the error of :- OleDbException was unhandled Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement. I haven't got the faintest clue of what's gone wrong, I'm a beginner hear, just started programming a few weeks...
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    Question Geting date from website with login to own software

    Hai i own a service center for which i m devaloping a software for which company log the calls in site where we have to login and check for new calls and if any part is needed we have log for that case in that site only now i want to integreat that with my software so that i can update and...
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    Write to table

    I am feeling stupid, which doesn't take much these days. I have a simple program in vb 2005 that generates data. I have created a table in which to store the date (3 columns, 4 if you include the index). So when I run my program, how do I get the data in the table? I have literally spent...
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    Question How do you wirte and delete rows from a local database?

    I'm experienced with VB but I'm not so much in using a local database. I was just wondering how to write data to a database and also how to delete specific rows from a database.
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    Question Hidden Text Boxes - XSD Dataset

    I have several Windows forms and they all work fine, but I find that I have an issue with accessing the dataset. I am using a lot of hidden fields to supply values to my procedure from the database as opposed to accessing the dataset directly. While this works, it is unclean and I like to...
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    Question Images / Datagrid

    Perhaps an easier question, What event triggers when I move from one record to the next using the bindingnavigator control? Good day to you all, I am trying to create an application that is similar to a Microsoft Access form in that it has text fields tied to the database, an image that...