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    Question Why do I lose the value on my variables?

    Hey there! Before you read this, please bare in mind that I am very new to, and coding in general. This is the code I have so far, and so some reason, after the Sub finishes, I lose all of the values I put into my different variables. Can anyone tell me why it's doing this, and what I...
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    Question Get Network SSID name and Default Gateway IP ?

    So, I am creating a simple application in and was wondering on how I would get the code for current connected SSID name and the code for Default Gateway IP. Using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate. Oh and By the way, I need the output on a TEXT BOX not a Message Box. Milan
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    Two things really...about Northwind

    Hello all, New to the forum and relatively new to VB. I have two questions, and apologies if these have been answered before, but have done a search and have had no luck. Is there a sample Northwind application/front end that I can download and peruse? Secondly, I have been putting together an...
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    Question Help needed to Debug Hello World in Visual Studio.

    Dear experts, I am having problems debugging and running c programs. For example I do not see 'step out' in menu>Debug. Moreover, all these important debugging buttons are dimmed (see attachment). I am soooo confused. How can I make use of the trace options and how can I add a watch window...
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    Visual Studio developers must share their work for everyone's benefit !

    Every one of us who develop games, applications , etc.. using Visual Studio, should share his work with others. Just like this guy is doing on his Visual Studio Applications blog here: He's not only showing his work, but also offering the code! his...
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    Question about talking with multiple Objects

    Hi Everybody! Hoping someone can clear up a great mystery for me…. I'm trying to learn Object Oriented programming, and to do so, I am writing a small Role Playing Game. I understand why we break Players, Items, and Monsters into Classes… what I don’t “get” is how does the program know...
  7. D and MS Excel for Beginners

    Hi all, sorry to bother you with a total beginner's question. :( I'm currently working on my (business) master's thesis... the topic is capital budgeting tools to manage major investments for a European energy supplier. So far the company has used MS Excel for calculating relevant data to...
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    Total newbie question, moving from Classic ASP to

    Hi guys, I'm embarrassed to ask, but I feel like my legs have been cut off! I'm finally updating my skills and am learning ASP.NET. I'm using Visual Web Developer 2008 and really marvelling at all the great features. But all the things I could do in my sleep in Classic ASP are taking me some...
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    Write to table

    I am feeling stupid, which doesn't take much these days. I have a simple program in vb 2005 that generates data. I have created a table in which to store the date (3 columns, 4 if you include the index). So when I run my program, how do I get the data in the table? I have literally spent...
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    Question Video Layers

    I want to make a page similar to that from but I would want to change the order of the Layers (who is on top of who). Is it possible?
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