1. Pixel-Ink

    Resolved No Windows Explorer in Enumerated Window List in Listbox

    I have this working code (below) that gets a list of all opened windows. However, it doesn't show 2 Windows Explorer windows I have open on the desktop. What do I use to make those to show up in the list?? Thanks in advance. I would really appreciate your input. Imports System.IO Imports...
  2. S

    Facial recognition API with individual pixel tracking

    Hi guys! I was looking for an API that could specify whether a pixel is belonging to a face or not. Hopefully, it could also recognize nonhuman faces. And also the other basic functions (identify number of faces, tell the location of faces to can draw a rectangle around it etc). Preferred to be...
  3. M

    Message from webpage automation. Sendkey = NO! API?

    Hey guys. I'm new to this forum. I'm desperate. I am a beginner with programming so please bear with me. I do have basic knowledge... I think! Lol. I am writing a program to make my job easier. Basically, every morning I have to delete 14,000 - 15,000 records from an internal website that we...
  4. J

    Question Working with APIs

    Hello all, I'm a fairly newer programmer. And I don't quite understand how API's work exactly and I can't find any easy to understand tutorials(I've been looking alot today). I am hoping to use a weather API (Weather API : Weather Underground) in a program I am working on and I was hoping...
  5. C

    Vendor API data availavle via RTD server

    I have an RTD server with manual strings defined as topics that I use to pull data into Excel but I would like to define fields that I can access via my Vendor's VB.NET API. Any articles/suggestions you guys could provide to put me in the right direction? Much appreciation in advance.
  6. R

    Validating X509 certificates for EWS Managed API

    Using the example set out in the MSDN for EWS API I have been trying to validate the server certificate but getting errors. Operator '<>' is not definted for types 'System.Cryptogrpahy.X509Certificates.X509Chain' and 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.VariantType'. Operator '<>' is not definted for types...
  7. S

    Question A simple app in .NET that can switch on/off the wifi or bluetooth in the laptops?

    HI, I just want to develop a simple application in vb.net that can switch on and off the wifi as i manually do it with two predefined combinations of keys. Is it possible to make own application using any API that is available or any other method. My laptop is ACER ASPIRE 5755. Help!
  8. AbedAZaben

    Question Facebook API

    hello guys I really do need a complete example of how to list my facebook friends using Windows Forms Applications and I have Facebook.dll
  9. O

    Question Determining password field

    Hey all so basicly im attempting to make a key encoder type application that i want to begin encrypting keystrokes when the user focuses on a password field . Is it possible for a windows forms application to do this and if so how can it be done ?
  10. seinkraft

    Using HttpWebRequest to upload file to PHP url

    Hi everyone, i'm really new with HttpWebRequest and i don't understand it as well but i need it to use an api from my web to post images. I've this at the moment. Private Sub btnUpload_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnUpload.Click Dim request...
  11. E

    How to get control names using their hWnd handle

    Hi, I'm working on an automation tool to fill textboxes in a 3rd. party application. I already managed to get a Winform handle, its childs control handles, also to get the textbox contents and set new values for them using the following code: Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As...
  12. B

    P/Invoke calls with pointers

    I´m noob with C++, i need the Visual Basic .NET (Compact Framework 1.1) P/Invoke calls of a Garmin Mobile XT API functions (Garmin Mobile SDKs - Garmin Developer). I transforms others calls, but these with pointers and handles is too hard to me. Here is the info: -- Function prototypes --...
  13. S

    Question Calling the API function FileTimeToSystemTime

    I'm a VC programmer, ocasionally I try to get familiar with VB.NET, but frankly each time I quit being disapointed by its limitations. But that's not the point. Somebody asked me for help to write the VB.NET code to list the browsing history. First I wrote it in VC, it works nice. Now I managed...
  14. C

    Question How do I use the SendInput API from a Windows service?

    Hi there, I am creating a windows service which uses the SendInput API to send keypresses to an application (must be SendInput, SendKeys doesn't work). For some reason it does not work in a windows service, but the exact same code works flawlessly in a windows form. I'm guessing there is some...
  15. dlw@pickpro.com

    Question How to set the printer form NOT print document

    Been trying to set a printers form (page size). Got to the winspool.drv library, SetForm API... without luck. I'm looking to set the default form (IE: Letter, legal, "Us Std Fanfold" etc) I do not want to add/remove the form from the printer. Just assign an existing form, not knowing the...