Windows CE and DDE


Apr 11, 2005
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anyways, here is the deal:

1. i have an industrial computer running Windows CE .NET 4.1

2. i want an application (VB) to run on it
a) VB app should gather the data from PLC using DDE or any other protocol
b) it should manipulate the gathered data

3. Initially i (we) wrote a program in VB6 which does the point no. 2 (gather and manipulate PLC data). But it ran on windows 2000. I did not realize that it was supposed to be used in Windows CE. So i have to make that VB app run on Windows CE performing all its functions.

4. Now as i understand
a) VB6 does not work on CE tho' it provides DDE
b) VB.NET will work on CE but it does not provide DDE
c) so finally concluded that i have to somehow write VB.NET to perform the required data gathering function

5. My question:
a) How do i make VB.NET app perform a function similar to DDE functions (inter-app communication?
b) Is .NET remoting the solution?
c) or should i make an the DDE part into an Active x using VB6 and try to drop it in the windows CE computer? (in this case, i can write the remaining non-DDE part of the program in .NET and drop that too in the CE machine)

any help w'd be greatly appreciated.

On the other hand, i am curious abt the following concepts in terms of inter-application communication

1. .NET remoting
2. COM wrapper

I would appreciate if any body can provide me with the links or explain little bit abt it in terms of inter-app communication.


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