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Aug 30, 2005
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I know this is very lazy and i should get my wallet out and buy a book but i was wondering if anyone knows any good sites containing the functions of the win 32 api. I know that this is not the preferred way to program in but i am just looking to expand my knowledge. Not coming from a vb background where using the windows api was common place i feel like i'm missing out on certain things.
links... MSDN it The Place as usual.
MSDN Win32
Api guide (VB6 with examples)
Api viewer app with VB.Net style definitions syntax
Pinvoke.Net (similar to Api guide)

You probably know this already, but from .Net viewpoint this stuff is usually only sought when there is nothing native in the .Net Framework to provide the requested functionality.
Cheers johnH, and i'm sure you know that in the workplace many people are still using vb and probably not thinking about porting to So i just figured that having a good working knowledge of the win 32 api would help me to expand my client base. Thanks for the links i'll check them out.
If you're looking for online resources to learn about the Win32 API functions, there are several websites that can provide you with the necessary information. Here are a few reliable sources:

Microsoft Documentation: The official Microsoft documentation is a comprehensive resource for learning about the Win32 API. The documentation provides detailed information about each API function, including its syntax, parameters, return values, and examples. You can access it at: Build desktop Windows apps using the Win32 API - Win32 apps is a community-driven website that provides a collection of Win32 API function signatures for various programming languages, including VB.NET. It can be a useful reference when you're trying to use specific API functions in your code. The website is available at: the interop wiki!

CodeProject: CodeProject is an online community for software developers that offers a wide range of articles, tutorials, and code samples. It has a section dedicated to Win32 programming, where you can find helpful resources and examples. You can explore the Win32 category at: CodeProject

TheForger's Win32 API Tutorial: Although this tutorial is a bit older, it provides a comprehensive introduction to Win32 API programming. It covers topics such as window creation, message handling, and various API functions. You can access it at: theForger's Win32 API Tutorial

You can also read this article about API: what it is, FAQ on the subject, maybe you will be useful.

Remember that the Win32 API is not specific to VB.NET but rather a lower-level interface for Windows programming in general. Therefore, some examples and resources you find may be in C/C++. However, you can easily translate the code and concepts to VB.NET.

It's worth noting that there are higher-level frameworks and libraries available for Windows development that abstract away the need to directly work with the Win32 API, such as Windows Forms or WPF. These frameworks provide a more streamlined and VB.NET-friendly approach to building Windows applications.

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