Where is the info. on "Data formatting expression" ???


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Mar 9, 2005
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Could someone help me please ?

I am using a datagrid on my webform. However, I have a problem with filling out the "Data formatting expression" field on the datagrid properties Columns panel(click the "Columns collection" in the datagrid properties window.) I went to MSDN for help but got no answer on how to specify the format of forcing users to enter to correct email address format on the datagrid. For instance, myemail@domain.com is the format I want to set to the email bound column so that users cannot type bogus data into it.

My question is that where can I find the info. on how to create format expression on fixed fields such as currency, email address..etc. I know that for currency it is "{c:eek:}" I think.

Please help. I thank you in advance.


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