Question Weighted Average for Log In Percentage?


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Jan 9, 2008
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As part of some performance stats that I've been maintaining for employees where I work I've had to calculate the total percentage of time that they spend logged into their computers. Getting the necessary values is a nightmare, but ultimately the final calculation is quite simple:

(LoggedInTime + ExcusedTime) / ClockedInTime

LoggedInTime is time spent logged into the computer
ExcusedTime is time that they are not actually logged in, but which should not count against them (meetings for example)
ClockedInTime is time spent eating burritos. Okay, not really but I think you can figure this one out.

Management is thinking of offering incentives for high log in percentages in the form of prizes, extra time off, etc... Sounds simple enough, but it occurred to me that people with a lot of excused time would have an unfair advantage. As an extreme example an employee that has their entire day excused (maybe they were on a special project, which happens on occasion) would have a 100% log in percentage without ever logging into their computer. Not fair at all.

I thought of maybe eliminating ExcusedTime from the equation entirely by simply subtracting it from the ClockedInTime, but that would cause shorter breaks to count more heavily against people who had part of their day excused, since the rest of their time would then be compared against a shorter overall time.

Then I thought, maybe I should do some kind of weighted average, making ExcusedTime simply count for less (but not zero) time overall. But frankly, having never done something like that before (everything I've done up to now has been pretty straightforward math) I'm not really sure how to go about doing that effectively. Plus, I'm not sure that in the end this method would actually have less impact than the first option.

In general the total ClockedInTime is around 8 hours (go figure), and the average log in percentage tends to be around 90%. I only mention this in case it ends up having some impact on my actual question.

In the end my question is: How do you think I should adjust the formula to give a more accurate "Earned" log in percentage that doesn't unfairly privilege those with a lot of ExcusedTime, or unfairly penalize those with just a little bit of ExcusedTime?

Thanks for any help that you can offer.
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