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Jan 21, 2012
Programming Experience
vtiger CRM is a solution of open source software , which despite a mature product, global presence and use by more than 100,000 companies, often have a difficult time escaping the shadows of SugarCRM competition. An interesting way , while vtiger was created from a fork of SugarCRM 1.0 , applications that compete since then have followed different strategies, approaches and open source product instructions .

vtiger began as an experiment by AdventNet (now Zoho Corp) . Company executives closely followed the rise of open source operating systems and databases , and plan to take advantage of what they believed was coming business applications Open source - next . Having concluded that CRM made ??sense to open source its debut on 31 December 2004, version 1.0 of SugarCRM diverged and began a new journey. Apparently surprised, SugarCRM reacted negatively , and subsequently amended its license open code to limit these events happen again .

In the early years the revenue model of the company was built around customer service and professional , such as implementation , integration and customization services. In 2009 the company launched full steam SaaS market and today the company has 1,000 customers on cloud CRM. The CRM cloud service is giving the company a new opportunity to climb .

Vtiger CRM solution is aimed at SMEs, which are often no internal IT resources . Higher concentration of the company's customers reside in the U.S. With about 40 percent of all customers located in the United States, approximately 30-40% of clients located in Europe and the rest is widely distributed throughout the world.

The application includes the traditional tenants of CRM software for sales, marketing and service, while also including less traditional functions such as quotations and sales order processing , inventory / products , billing, and project management. The CRM application is available in 16 languages ??and multiple currencies support global system. Mobility is supported on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

Social CRM Capabilities include tag clouds and a basic ability to distribute the tweets from the CRM system. Social CRM with vtiger is poor , but on top of sheet product path the company is expected to release at least partly remedy this limitation.

There is an online vtiger products free and paid third integrated ecosystem. Although this market is well organized and includes social features such as ratings and reviews of users, its somewhat limited in scope. The vtiger communities have reached a critical mass - about 50 thousand users in forums and a 2K developers - active, yet still light.

Vtiger CRM is a native thin -client based application built on the LAMP / WAMP (Linux / Windows , Apache , MySQL and PHP) stack browser. Development takes place largely in Bangalore , India, with periodic contributions by the open source community . Delivery Cloud CRM is hosted on Amazon in the U.S. underwriting agreement and the company supports 99.9 percent financial credits .
Vtiger Strengths :

The proposed financial value of vtiger is hard to beat . Sets of rich features at an extremely low price make this a very strong value. vtiger prices for SaaS solution is a simple $ 12 per user per month without long-term contracts . There is also a 30-day trial available.
vtiger pursues a path of simplicity in terms of download , installation and operation. This is good news for SMEs that typically use about one-third ( at most) of their capabilities CRM system and then are forced to navigate through the remaining two thirds of the application does not have any use for . The application is intuitive and a new user interface usability extends to similar consumer technologies .
Purists prefer open source license open source vtiger competition with the products of commercial open source CRM .
We have been able to contact several vtiger users. Most use the product without outside help and are very happy with the solution.

Vtiger Weaknesses :

For deployments on site , installing vtiger is a technical task , and outside the comfort zone of many non-technical CRM adopters . CRM download and install is performed from a HTML / PHP interface, and customer forums show sometimes may not always without glitches . In my recent conversation with Kanumuru Sreenivas , CEO vtiger , indicating that there is a development effort in the short term to better package the deployment and eliminate this barrier to initial adoption .
The vtiger community is in need of a more formal organization structure , sponsorship and growth. Both the developer community (individuals and ISVs ) and community distribution ( integrators , service providers , partners , resellers , distributors ) are much lower than they should be . Partner programs that actively support certifications, collaboration and promotion are essential for publishers open wide code, and a critical success factor underlying whether vtiger will achieve its growth aspirations .
vtiger corporation and product plan are unclear . The CRM software buyers are generally making long-term investments and seek clarity on the company and product evolution .
vtiger lacks visibility among buyers of CRM software. Messaging and promotion of the company is difficult to find and most of the buyers of CRM software , CRM software buyers still open source, and vtiger fail to identify an option.

vtiger CRM at the crossroads

Make no mistake CRM market - open source is alive and well . While growth has been limited compared to some of the leading commercial CRM software , the adoption of open source path is clearly accelerating a higher rate. The challenge for vtiger is simultaneously advancing their product and increase their visibility in the market if hope to harness the growth of the industry in general. The company is in a precarious time. Get in front of this growing market the company can accelerate at a pace never before realized. Or, alternatively, to not ensure its market share up even more certainly hide your offer and leave the market open source CRM for a single editor

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