VS2003 Vs VS2005

I have had the opportunity to work with and develop in VS2K5 for a few months now and found it to be a good upgrade (down from "great" but up from "poor") - i'll suffix that by saying I still do all my production work using VS2k3 though. There are a number of new features that are attractive and a few features that will be missed. It does have some instability problems - strange things happen from time to time; but hey, its a BETA right? I did see a message yesterday that claimed that Microsoft had pushed the release back on 2K5 until the first of the year - six months forward; ummmm, I smell a rat. I am excited though about the reviews I have read about MS integrating .Net into their Office Suite and dumping VBScript - Whooraaay! This means that .Net Framework will have a namespace devoted to reading and writing to the Office Suites of tools. This means I can dump the VB6 DLLs that I've been lugging around in my VS2K3 programs. If you haven't had a chance to "play" with VS2K5 I encourage you to do so. Pick it up and play with it - especially the data access features - a nice upgrade; still not all that enthused about the disconnected recordset concept that MS is pushing though with ADO. Hopefully, with the framework making its way into other MS products (that adds a whole new meaning to the term virus, but that's another subject), maybe we'll have consistent types across the products! Wow, backoff dude; you're talking about consistency and we can't have that.