VB Socket Question


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Apr 29, 2005
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Ok,I have a one to many relationship here many clients and 1 server app..
I want to use a socket for communications TCP/IP.Here are my problems
I want to be able to service multiple clients ,but each response returned from my server socket can not be brodcast to all the clients.The situation is once a client is connected (it must goes through several check states and then that client is dismissed,while the server is handling other request while this is going on.Can This Be Done?

Client 1 sends data to server --server responds and steps are sent back and forth between just this client and the server.

Client 2 connects at the same time yet it goes through the same steps as client 1.
The server never quits listening.
How as far as code example do I make this work?I see code that a client connects and server responds then closes....this wont work
I have also seen code where multiple clients connect and server broadcasts a message (the same ) to every client...This wont work each client must goes through the same process before being disconnected.
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