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Apr 29, 2005
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I am a vb.net newbie and I am trying to complete a project for school. I am trying to create a program that is similar to your standard remote control for a tv, dvd player, etc. I pretty much have the form together with the devices and buttons I need, now I am just trying to get the code going. In order for my computer to emit ir (infrared) I bought a device from Canada. Its called the Tira. To make a long story short I need my vb program to excute command in another program that learns the ir codes called girder. I have done some reasearch on it and have found out that it is possible I just need to communicate with a COM object in this girder program. This program has a list of ir codes saved that it can emit from the girder program. I need to write the code behind the button that will send the certain learned ir codes accordingly with each of the buttons i created in vb (play, stop, ch up, ch down). Below is some code that is suppose to work. I realize this I am being a pain here and maybe not providing enough info but any way anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. I am a newbie.

Girder = Createobject("Girder.GirderEvent")
Girder.Device =18
Girder.EventString = "IRCode"
Girder.Payload(1) = "EOEO99660000"
Try checking for exceptions after "Girder = Createobject("Girder.GirderEvent")"
They are listed in help for Createobject Function.