Using a checkbox to compile data into a form.


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Apr 14, 2015
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here is my program.
the database needs to be in C:\TorchLogger\Databases
Im sure it can be done, Im just totally clueless on how to get it...
Its been 5 years since ive dealt with VB in college, this is a side project im doing for work.

So in this image, This shows all the data that has been entered using the minor form.*

When the operator did a rebuild on torch X281, it was decided that it also needed to be overhauled, so they checked the Major rebuild check box.*
Since the last Major rebuild (overhaul) Torch X281 accumulated 37 Run hours and 76 On hours. This data also needs to be entered into the Overhaul database table. The hours can be added up manually by the operator and entered in the Overhaul form of the program, but what I would really like to accomplish is when the check box on the rebuild form is checked, the program looks for the last overhaul on that particular torch (in this case X281) and adds up the hours since the last overhaul.

Im guessing I would have to have a query run in access for this to happen, but I want the program to run the query in the background and enter the total hours into the overhaul form/datatable automatically.

Sorry if I seem confusing (I am quite confused honestly)
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