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Jun 14, 2013
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I've spent a couple of days on this problem and after abandoning WPF (too obscure for my wee brain), now struggling with Win Forms to come up with a solution. My final implementation will be a list of items, mainly text but also listed with a star rating usercontrol. Hopefully I'll be able to utilise this in read only mode as well as editing the star ratings within the list.

So I've created the star user control (5 star images, hover over, click to selected the rating) but struggling to find a way to implement this control into some kind of viewable/editable list. I think the DataGridView is the answer. So far I've implemented the IDataGridViewEditingControl in the user control and created a star column and star cell class which inherits DataGridViewColumn and DataGridViewTextBoxCell.

And this is where I'm stuck - not even sure how to proceed from here, when I add the object to the grid the name of the object comes up but no stars to be seen anywhere. I've reached the pinnacle of my knowledge in this matter!

Does anyone have any ideas on what my next step should be or is there a better way to go about this?

TIA, Alan
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