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Nov 14, 2004
Programming Experience
I am a newbie so thanks for putting up with me:

I am creating a program that needs to be Maximized above all things. I know about the TopMost option, but one of my buttons is linked to an executable program that will open Word or Notepad. When either of these programs are launched in front of my program, my program then downsizes and is not maximized anymore. Is there a code to prevent this?

the last question: I want to prevent users from closing this program, I want to be the only one to have the privalege to close this program. Is there a way to have the program prompt the user to enter a password in order to be able to exit? If so, how do I go about doing this?

I hope this all makes sense.
Thanks in advanced for any help.
I posted a similar thread regarding the questions above on another forum and a moderator had questions whether or not this is going to be a malicious program. Here is the thread if anybody wishes to read it:

Because of this question I felt like I should clarify my intentions here as well.

This particular program which I am naming "Guest OS" is a program which will be operating on a guest computer at work. I want our clients to have the privilege to be able to access the internet and also to be able to run programs like Word or Notepad etc. I do not want our guests to have any other privileges but that.

That is why I want the program to be maximized ALL the time and to be able to ask the user for a password if he/she is trying to close this program.

I hope this clarifies everything so no is wondering if they should help or not.
I would appreciate a solution to my questions above or at least some recommended reading/links.

Thanks for your time.

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