tooltip not working on a checkbox control with enabled = false

Feb 21, 2005
Programming Experience
I have a checkbox on a panel with enabled = false. I would like to have a hover tip available to the operator via a tooltip. The tooltips on all of the other controls on the panel work fine. But it does not work on checkboxes with enabled set to false. Is there another way around this problem?

Hmmm...I don't think so. I read in the .Net docs that "ToolTip text isn't shown for controls that are disabled."

Sorry 'bout that,

M. Cold
Well, I think this is kinda extreme...but extreme can be binge drinking or compulsive gambiling.

So! You can take a picture of your form with the checkbox control disabled (checked or unchecked) using ctrl+print screen (or shift+print screen), next edit your image to look like a typical control. Now replace the checkbox control from your form with the "control image." Edit it properly and it should look pretty tight!

This will allow you to show your control as display only and produce a tooltip!

Fun stuff,

M. Cold
LOL nice Milo! Definatly a novel aproach. You could also rewrite the tooltip...

Personally I'd go with turning off the autocheck.
Thanks for the input guys. I changed the check boxes to be enabled True (autocheck = false) and I added Check Changed events for them that would just set the check state back to however it needs to be checked. Tooltips now work like a champ. Thanks again.