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Feb 21, 2005
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Hye everyone

I ' m a beginner of , I ' ve major problm in ..........
I m working on an ERP software i ' ve converted my vb6 programe into
Now the problm is :

1) I ' ve to intall my exe on each n every computer . I want my exe should run from server In that case if i do any change i wont be needing to install it on every computer if i do it in vb6 (in vb6 it was running from server by mapping the exe path not on three tier architecture)then it was ok means it was running but in i m unable to do it . it doesn't supoprt plz suggest me the appropreate way .

2) I want to bring my application on three tier i want to make a dll then i will write my saving / retrival functions in that dll . now the problm is that how will i call that dll on network .
means i ll install the exe on every computer but that exe will call a dll for saving and retrival of data .plz suggest the appropreate way to come on three tier architecture in

3) what s the best way to come on three tier so that i won't be needing to install exe on every computer .. if u know then plz give me an example .
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