Thank You !


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Nov 16, 2005
Columbia, SC
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My project is finally available online. It has been in the making for years and has been very educational. This post is just to say thank you to the selfless folks who have helped me through this forum to make it happen... Especially John H and JM Cilhinney. You two absolutely carry this site and are a great contrast to each other. John H is kind and brilliant while JM's knowledge base and tough love approach will shake some sense into you. On more than one occasion, I have read JM's post stating that he is not here to coddle the members... after he has hurt somebody's feelings. You must understand that JM is telling you exactly how it is for your own good... and you best believe that he is right. I offered to buy John H a new car for his help, and he declined as he already has a car, although he said he would settle for a beer one day. If this project makes some $ for me, I will fly from South Carolina, USA to Norway to share that beer. I owe you two a debt of gratitude. I could not have done it without your help. Thank You !
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