Text problem


Dec 9, 2004
Programming Experience
Hi there,I have a vb problem.Lets say if I have 10 buttons each assign a different value to different button.and I want this value to appear in a label.however how am I goin to make sure that these values appear one afta another.For example out of ten buttons I only click 5 of them.and I want this 5 to appear in the label 1 by 1.How am I goin to do it?can anyone help?thanks alot
Thanks I have tried it out but it don works.What I meant was like in my button1 onclick event, I dim a as string = "Hello".then label.text = a.Then in my button2 onclick event I dim b as string = "pop".den I want the label to appear hello then follow by pop.but I cant do it.Thnaks for your help
Hi everyone!!I need to know in database access for vb.net,how do we retrieve the data in mdb according to rows instead of coluum and can retrieve by title instead of ordinal number?cans omeone help?thanks alot