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Feb 6, 2005
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I hope all of you can get a good laugh at this one, but this has bugged me for a long time now and unfortunately I need to get by this.

In every reference book I own that has a section on database programming there is a section on connecting to a Microsoft Access Database. Simple and straightforward the examples show the Data Link Properties dialog box with all of the OLE DB Providers. In everyone they have listed the "Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider".

Here's the problem. I don't have it in my list!!!! I have tried to look at every reference file I could get my hands on and there is no mention of what to do if you don't have this provider listed. I need to know how to get it in the Data Link Properties dialog box.

Please help with this.
Thanks, but

I check my MDAC version along with the Jet dll. Both are up to date from the information I obtained. Any other suggestions?
Have you tried setting the connection in your code? If that doesn't work you could also try ODBC.

As for a reason Jet isn't showing up in your Ole DB Providers, do you have access installed on your machine? You could also try re-registering your jet.dll.

Hope that helps

No I haven't tried to set the connection in my code. I've been trying to follow the examples as specified in the reference sources I have.

I do have MSAccess on my machine, although all the reference texts say that I don't need it.

How would I go about re-registering the jet dll?
Goto start, run. Type in cmd and hit enter. type in regsvr32 jet.dll and hit enter.
Re-registered the dll and sill doesn't appear. I am going to try and reinstall and see if that corrects the situation. If it doesn't then I'm totally lost!

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