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Jun 16, 2004
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Hi guys. This struggled me for days now, and I can't find a decent solution.
So i have this string right: "teksttekstejekjdlksqjkldjsqkldjsklqjdklsqjlds<bullet>firstpoint</bullet><bullet>secondpoint</bullet><bullet>thirdpoint</bullet>ennogwateksytqidlksqlmdkqsml"

As you can see, this string is extracted from an XML-element.

Now i need to get the first part of the text ("teksttekstejekjdlksqjkldjsqkldjsklqjdklsqjlds"), and put it in Word (let's just say that's done by this funtion AddText()). After that, I need to add bullet points in Word (AddBullet()). The content of those bullet points is as you might guess the content from the <bullet/> elements. If there is text after that, it has to go in Word as well (as for in this example that would be text "ennogwateksytqidlksqlmdkqsml").

I started by trying just to use InnerText for the text. But then it takes ALL innertext, so also the content of the bullet points, AND there is no order. As f.e. bullet points are first and then some text, it has to be that order in Word as well.

So I thought i just get the xmlstring (with Innerxml) and build a string function to get all the text and bullets out and put it in Word (done by AddText() and AddBullet()). Unfortunately I'm not able to do that.

Can you guys help me out? I would really appreciate this, since my deadline is on friday :(

Thanks in advance!

A new .NET lover.
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