store html code in a SQL database through ASP.NET


Jun 27, 2004
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Hello experts!

Please somebody help me!!!

My problem is that I have a textarea (like this one that we use to write our posts) and I want the html code that it creates, to be stored in a database. I use ASP.NET - VB and SQL Server.
My problem is that the .net takes the generated code and stores encoded.... for example
<STRONG>khklhklhlkh</STRONG> instead of <strong>khklhklhlkh</strong>

The Textarea (by a response.write(textarea1.value) command) shows that the html generator returns th etext in html form.

The problem is in .net because the SQL database that I use can accept html code in a data type "text".

what can I do??????:confused: :confused:
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