simple table in a form


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Feb 23, 2005
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Hello, I am pretty new to this but this is what I am trying to do. I have created an excel worksheet that is a "matrix" for lack of a better word. There are about 10 input fields and then a grid of data that gets displayed depending on the fields. I have used a datagrid in VB.NET before but only to display info from a database with a DBConnection, and Dataset.

Is there a way to have the look of the excel grid on the form without having to connect to a datasource. I can put all of the algorithms in functions and display the grid based on that.

Thanks for any help.
If I am understanding you correctly, then you can use a datatable and add that datatable to dataset or a dataview. Then you can set the setdatabinding property of the datagrid to the dataset or the dataview and the table name. Hope this helps.
Well, that is just it, I don't want to use a database. I want the form self contained and do the calculations of the textfield inputs to display in the grid. Basically like Excel does it.
well, datatables, dataset or dataviews don't have to have a database to work. And you need one of these to populate your grid with. What I am thinking is you need to create a datatable and put it in a dataview. With dataview, you can modify the values and the output and it all be on your machine; no database needed. You might wanna read up on Datatable and Dataview, and it is fairly easy. I think these two will be the key players for you here.
Hope that helps.