SharpGraph for .NET Released


Data Dynamics
Apr 15, 2005
Programming Experience
Data Dynamics, Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of SharpGraph for .NET. SharpGraph for .NET is an advanced charting tool for Windows Forms applications. It is a fully managed component and provides integration with the Visual Studio .NET™ environment.

SharpGraph offers built-in support for 2D and 3D chart types, data binding capability, completely customizable graph elements such as titles, labels, annotations and legends, and fully integrated Visual Studio .NET help, including Dynamic Help. A robust sample application is also included that illustrates SharpGraph’s basic features and highlights some of its advanced capabilities.

SharpGraph also offers some features that will help make your graphs stand out, including graphics that leverage GDI+ technology, alpha blending, gradients, and anti-aliasing. It also provides built-in support for exporting to several file formats, including SVG as well as support for serialization to XML so charts can be saved and loaded at run time.

Download and Review

Visit to download a fully functional evaluation copy and begin exploring the advanced charting features SharpGraph for .NET offers.

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