Jul 30, 2004
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I am not sure whether I am just tired, or I seriously dont understand the msdn instruction to create a setup and deployment projects.

In a very simple english, can someone actually explain to me how to create this setup project..

I already have a project and i need to create this project to enable to run this project on a computer that is not installed with

Any idea...

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Since I am not 100% sure of what I am doing (I never done a setup program, and there's not much easy guides you can find online, most of them are rather confusing to me ), I have created a couple of setup program Setup1 & Setup 2.

From bin, select .exe, and crystal report.

From bin, select .exe, and crystal report. and add the existing project.

Both can be installed (well maybe looks like installing) perfectly. However, when i tried to run it, but both is showing the same error message
(the setup program also install the .net framework into the other computer. When i double click on the .exe file, it opens the .net framework installation, after the installation complete, installation for program begins, both looks successful)

1. Common Language Runtime Debugging Services :
Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.
Process id=0x95c(2396), Thread id=0xa9c(2716)
Click OK to termiate the application. Click CANCEL to debug the application.

When I press OK, application is terminated, but when I press CANCEL another error message popped out.

2. No debugger found:
Registered JIT debugger is not available. An attempt to launch a JIT debugger with the following command resulted in an error code of 0x2(2). Please check computer Settings.
cordbg.exe !a 0x95c

Click Retry to have the process wait while attaching a debugger manually.
Click Cancel to abort the JIT debug request.

obviously, I pressed Cancel here.

And now, obviously I need help. HELP!

It seem that the second error is about the missing DEBUGGER, so I have fixed that. And it shows this error message:

Microsoft <R> Common Language Runtime Test Debugger Shell Version 1.1.4322.573
Copyright <c> Microsoft Corporation 1998-2002. All Rights reserved.

<cordbg> a 0x8d0
Process 2256/0x8d0 created
Warning: couldn’t load symbols for c:\winnt\\framework\v1.1.4322\mscorlib.dll
Warning: couldn’t load symbols for c:\program Files\Project\ABC\ABC.exe
[thread 0xaa8] thread created
[thread 0x63c] unhandled exception generated: <0x0492a22c> < CrystalDecision.CrystalReports.Engine.InternalException>
_message=<0x0492a1bc> “Cannot find KeycodeV2.dll, or invalid keycode.”
_stackTrace=<0x0492a26c>array with dims=[108]

[0283] mov exc., 7048754h

What this means actually?

If you dont get what I am trying to say by pasting the error message here.. i actually would like to know Why my program cannot run after it has been install. It already has .Net Framework installed (in the other PC)
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