Security for MS ACCESS


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Oct 21, 2004
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Here is my problem.
MS SQL Server 2000 on a Microsoft small business server has my database and all the security handled. I utilze group membership to restrict access to specific tables. The 'OFFICE' group, containing all the big whigs and payroll personell, has access to the 'WAGES' table, the 'SHOP' group does not. All VS2003 projects adhere to this principle - no one can see wages unless they are supposed to.

If I start up MS ACCESS 2003 on a network PC, I can start a new project (existing data) and select the running SQL database Server. I can choose Windows Security and then select the Database. All tables are accessable to the ACCESS project - INCLUDING THE WAGES TABLE!!! NOT GOOD.
How come ACCESS doesn't pick up the table security in place through SQL Server Enterprise?

Any ideas on how to plug this leak?
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