Report Sharp-Shooter now supports XPS format and PDF417 2D barcode

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May 24, 2006
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Perpetuum Software LLC today announces the immediate availability of Report Sharp-Shooter 3.6, a new version of the feature-complete .NET reporting tool that supports now the advanced concepts of the modern application development technologies.

What’s new in Report Sharp-Shooter 3.6:
1. A newly-presented Report Manager editor makes reports design process much easier and faster: a double click on the ReportManager component invokes a special editor that allows editing collections of reports and data sources.
2. Smart tags functionality in the Report Viewer allows you to quickly and easily access any Viewer properties in the smart tags window, thus to adjust Viewer much quicker.
3. XPS (XML Paper Specification) export filter provides the ideal tool for data storing, displaying and publishing. It is intended to display a document in the same way across the machines independently from the software installed. So, now a developer can be sure that an end user will get a document in the way it has been designed and besides, it is not possible to copy or edit data by a user.
4. Export to PDF is considerable improved. Now your PDF documents become dramatically smaller due to the files compression.
5. Error handling (exception handling) becomes much easier with Report Sharp-Shooter 3.6.
6. Support for PDF417 2D barcode that is irreplaceable for the applications where the data must travel with the labeled item. It can store up to 1,800 printable ASCII characters per symbol and can be used for hazardous materials labeling, storing technical specifications and calibration data on electronic instruments.

Download the latest version of Report Sharp-Shooter 3.6!
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