remote authentication using advapi32.dll


Jul 18, 2006
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I am writing an app for monitoring services on a remote machine. In order to achieve this [to my understanding] the app must first authenticate and retrieve a user token before being able to access service information.

Here is the code i am using to authenticate:

On Error Resume Next

        tkn = IntPtr.Zero
        dup_tkn = IntPtr.Zero

        'logon and retrieve user-token
        'imported from advapi32.dll
        LogonUser("username", "", "password", 2, 0, tkn)

        'duplicate retrieved user-token
        DuplicateToken(tkn, SecurityImpersonation, dup_tkn)

        'change current identity to that of retrieved user-token
        tmpID = New WindowsIdentity(dup_tkn)
        tmpUser = tmpID.Impersonate
However as you may have guessed this is not working entirely...

It works fine when the login details are part of the local domain however however when login details of a remote machine are used [as above] login fails every time, also the ip address used [not the one in above example] is reachable.

Is this a limitation of the login method (imported from advapi32.dll) that it only works on local machines?
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