Question from an old timer...

Mar 17, 2005
Programming Experience
Back in the good old days of DOS, I programmed in basic. As a matter of fact, I was able to do pretty much anything possivle with basic back in those days. I was at the point where I had been paid some good money for a few proprietary applications. When windows came around, I buried my head in the sand and became a Tech. heheheheh..

Well.. I have VB.NET now. I am trying to teach myself like I did with orignal Basic. Unfortunately, I am finding it impossible to do it the way I did before. I learned how to program in those old DOS days by a combination of reference material and studying pieces of code and seeing how things are done and then trying to change it. This actually worked very well for me.

I load up a project, and I am completely and utterly lost. Well.. I certainly wouldn't be so obtuse as to ask someone to teach me all the basics of heheeh. BUT, I would like to ask a favor of anyone who might be so inclined to help me.

I think one thing that would be fantastic to get a grip on and possibly get me started on my journey of pain. The structure of a program.

I see all these keywords. Functions, modules, etc... ..and then there are all these windows, some have code some have a form designer, and I'll be perfectly honest, I think having an extensive background in those old days of Basic is actually doing me more harm than good, because I keep trying to figure things out in and all the while my brain keeps trying to find comparisons even though I know that there really isn't any, I mean at least as far as how the programs are arranged.

Well, anyways.. If anyone could give me a brief overview of the PARTS of a application it would be incredible.

Mark Linehan
Linehan Computer Services
well to put it simply, you can use the form designer when putting objects on it (like labels, textboxes, groupboxes, buttons, etc) but in the code module for the form if you expand the " Windows Form Designer generated code " section you can see the code used to make the form (by the designer) anywho stick a button on the form and then double click it, it'll take you to the code window with a sub already there, any code you put there will execute whenever the user clicks that button on the form (window) which is why it's called the button's click event. now add a module to the project, modules dont have a form designer (for obvious reasons) modules are used as a form of organization, you can make public level variables and subs/functions here to be accessed from multiple forms in the solution (project) there are plenty of books you can rent that'll explain all the intro crap ta get ya started on programming