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Luis Jimenez

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Sep 13, 2016
Veracruz, M?xico
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I not so new to databases, I programmed some things in MySQL but I'm new to Visual Basic 2010.
I had a connection with a little database in a window of VS2010, where I defined an SQL join query, so VS2010 transformed it to something rare. I saved it when it had no query errors.
Later, the computer failed so it did a shut down.

Now that I did the code to fill a dataset without errors, I wanted to come back to the query to apply it to this dataset, but the saved window with the query disappeared. I found a .Designer.vb window with a lot of code like XML (attached) but I don't know if it is possible to return to my SQL window where I had tested the code. Or at least, which would be the steps to make again the connection and SQL query. I came to this point by trial and error but I need the assistance to recover this or make it again.

Thank's for your time


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