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Sep 13, 2019
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Hello, I am currently taking a beginners online programming class. I have been asked to create a program to solve equations with variables and I am having alot of trouble figuring it out. Here is the question from my homework

4.1 Write a program that will calculate the following equations. Provide a user interface and a neat and well organized output using the output control features provided by the Visual Basic application. NOTE: e ^ 5 refers to the value e to the 5th power.
a. z = x * (y – z)
b. z = a + b + c / 3
c. z = 8 * ( e ^ 5 ) – c
d. z = a * b – ( c / 2 )

I have managed to make a basic calculator for the first equation(A) but im not sure how to solve it with "Z" being on both sides of the equal sign.

Screenshot (1)_LI.jpg

I am so lost, please help me out! Thanks, Amber.
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Please don't post screenshots of text. Copy the code from VS and paste it as text and format it as code. It is then most readable and we can copy it ourselves if we want to run it. You should also be posting text output and error messages as text.

As general advice, you should be writing a function in VB for each of those mathematical functions. Each of the unknowns becomes a method parameter.

As for the question, I'm not sure that that isn't a mistake. Given the other expressions, I wonder whether it should have been written z = a * (b - c). If not then I guess you should use what you learned in maths class to solve for z first and then implement the resulting function.
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