Question Programatically controlling IME mode...


Dec 10, 2008
Programming Experience
Can't find any reference to this, so I'll throw it out here...

2 part question:

First, is it possible to change IME modes with code?

For example, I have Microsoft IME enabled for Japanese. When it is enabled, and I highlight and right click on text, the popup menu provides a *Reconversion* menu which allows me to select from a list of Kanji to replace the selected text with. It works great, except for the number of steps involved:

Highlight Text
Right Mouse Click
Select Reconversion Menu
Select correct conversion list item

So my question is, is there a way to jump directly to the Reconversion list skipping the right mouse click and menu selection through code?

Part 2 -

Switching to IME mode requires clicking on the Status bar to select the language. Is there a way to access the language choices through code, or even hot keys?

(ultimately I'm trying to reduce the number of mouse clicks involved in all of this...)


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