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Sep 16, 2004
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Hi all, first time poster here. For some reason, the default codebehind = "blahblah.aspx.vb" statement that ASP.NET inserts into a new .aspx file has never worked for me, and I don't know why. I can only get my page to recognize the .vb file if I change "codebehind=Blahblah.aspx.vb" to "src=Blahblah.aspx.vb".

Also, by default ASP.NET has my pages inherit from Namespace.Class, Namespace being my project name, and Class being whichever Class corresponds to that file in the .vb section. This doesn't work either, and gives me and error, saying that that class can't be found. However, if I change it to just reference the class name itself, without the Namespace., it works fine.

After I've done all of this, my pages do load, but next time I load up visual studio and try to bring up my pages, it won't load the GUI part, so I can't see what my page should look like. I'm forced to go into the code part of the .aspx file, cut and paste the entire <%@ Page line out of the code, reload it, and then put that code back in. Then I get the GUI and the functionality. But I have to do this every time I load a different page.

It seems like I have problems in general with referencing class definitions within my own applications and I don't know why. I loaded the application of a co-worker and he didn't have a single one of these problems, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I was deleting the global.asax file and not using it, but I didn't think that made a difference. I'm not using any compiled components (dlls) in my bin directory, or at least not any dlls compiled from code I've actually written (I've got dlls for things like Crystal Reports in there).

Anyways, if anyone has heard of things like this happening or perhaps knows a common solution, I'd really appreciate hearing it.
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