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Jan 24, 2005
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Hi, I've got a base form and 3 forms that inherit from it. It seems that at random times, one of the variables in one of my inherited forms will somehow be lost to the IDE.. the code is still there defining it, but when I try to build the project it comes back saying that variable does not exist. To fix the problem I have to go to the definition of that variable, change its name, move off the line, then come back and change it back. Suddenly the project sees it and everything compiles fine. This happens 30+ times a day. =(

What's weirder is that when I copied the project to another computer to work on it from there, the same thing is happening, but it happens on a different variable! It's always consistently the same variable from a single workstation.. so on my own computer it's actually a particular control definition, but on the other computer it's a module level variable mFauxTop.

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this with inherited forms? I should point out that it "loses" this variable even when I don't have any of the base or inherited forms open for editing. This is making me mad enough to forget about inheriting forms altogether, if this is a common bug.

Please help!

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