problem in combobox


Aug 30, 2004
Programming Experience
Hi dears
I make a table (member) in access which have column(codeno,memberid,employeeid,name,phone,designation).Now i also make a form in for this.and draw textbox for code,name,phone and designation,and for employeeid and memberid i draw comobox from which i select one.Now the problem is How i insert the value in this R How i write a code for this.I wrte a code for this that is "insert into member values="& val(t1.text)&",& val(f.t1.text)&",& val(f.t2.text)&","&(t2.text)&","&(t3.text)&","&(t4.text)&""
here f is the instance variable of form2. i made form1 and form2.I wanted enter the value in graphical mode , when i select employeeid from combobox it goes to form2 thare it wanted employeeid there i give the id and when i pressed insert it give the error.
pls pls if anyone have idea i appreciate him but reply as soon as possible.
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