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Jun 3, 2004
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Please post your threads in forums most fitting to your topics. Please don't just post to the General forum because it's the top most. Please help keep data "filed" in the best fit locations so others can find resources for their use later.

The main site page (Visual Basic .NET Forums - The Exclusive VB.NET Community) lists all the sections and forums, the section a forum is placed in mostly fits and is the first indication that you are targeting the right forum, the sections are currently these:
A post may of course fit in several forums, just pick one you feel is appropriate, but have in mind Visual Studio General is most likely not it, and you can usually also find a better one than any of the General forums. A moderator may move the thread if a more fitting forum exists, but at least TRY first yourself to locate a good forum for your thread.

Another thing, keep in mind ALL forums of VB.Net Forums is dedicated for various aspects of VB.Net development. There are NO forums here for support of other programming languages. Sometimes different technologies and languages cross path, but the main focus here is VB.Net.
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