Out-Of-Stock Bug! SF6.3 XE


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Jun 13, 2004
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I can't launch my website because stock bug which is not calculating the total quantity of product attributes correctly. I talked to SF support they told me this will take 4 - 6 weeks to fix this because of QA dept. I am looking for good VB.NET developer to fix this ASAP. Waiting for reply ASAP.

Hello Qais,

I would not listen to what SF support told you, it may not even get fixed. There are SEVERE/CRITICAL bugs in StoreFront 6 and most are simply not going to be fixed. This is normal for that company, they will lie to you to get you to remain with their software. Notice how they don't even use SF6 for their own store!

Most of us have left StoreFront and moved to awesome BV Commerce 2004 .NET Shopping Cart system. It is best to just cut your losses now and move your site. BV Software any day will be releasing FREE importers for SF5 and SF6 e-commerce sites. I'm not sure if you've implemented the error reporter but the number of failed checkouts, dropped carts, bugs is just amazing. Save the money for fixing this one of many bugs and move to the better system. Also take a look at their online manual with videos to see how incredible this software package is!
Hello Neal,

Actually, I agree with you about what you mentioned about SF, I don't know why they released defected software with many serious bugs. Can I ask you a favour, I need serious help, because i waste alot of money, effort & time on SF, can I sell my SF6.3 XE? or Can you fix this bug, i noticed this in your website that you offer development solutions? and How i make sure that BV Commerce it is the best solution for me, is it that reliable and comprehensive cart software? Please Neal I need serious help about this, my website it is ready to launce but the stock bug stopped my website from launching, really I fed up with this cart software. Waiting for your reply ASAP.


Yes, you can sell your StoreFront 6 software, the problem is, no one wants it! It sells for retail around $1200, yet as you'll see in the Happy Hour forum on LaGarde's private forums (amazing) that Chris D. cannot even sell his for $350! Even if he went below $100, no one would buy! This software is cursed, it's terrible, it's buggy, it causes loss of business, on and on. There is more then just your bug, how about the one where 5 times the discount is applied when a coupon is used? Backorder processing doesn't work, failed checkouts, dropped carts, server resources, incompetent tech support, business practice that's more interested in marketing and $$$ then any single customer? Leave that software behind and move to BV Commerce 2004! View their forums, see the BV Commerce 2004 sites starting to emerge (since it was just released), it's amazing! Watch the videos...

I'm sorry, I no longer do anything with StoreFront software. I do not support it, endorse it, and I educate my clients to they make the right choice in .NET e-commerce packages...100% of them go with BV Commerce 2004!

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