Not able to run the web application


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Apr 6, 2006
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Hi all

I am facing a problem.. in which if i try to run a specific ASP.Net project

Say the Visual Studio launches the browser and goes to http://localhost/projectname/ but the browser keeps on shows loading.. in the progress bar.. but never runs the application i have tried leaving it undisturbed for 15-30 mins but also no use.

I am not running it in the debug mode.. i am running it without debugging(Ctrl+F5)..

I dont know whats the prob..

i have even tried aspnet_regiis -i

and i have also tried deleting the project and removing any traces in inetmgr and getting the project again from source safe.. keeping the project in a different location.. etc after doing these things.. for the first few runs it works fine then it starts malfunctioning...

i also "End Task"ed aspnet_wp.exe this too didnt work..

Please tell me what we can do to fix this.. this happened for some projects in the past also but this time it happens often..



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Jul 16, 2006
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Hi there,I too got the same problem.....i cant run web says it has version 1.0 and it needs latest version to run.i tried aspnet_regiis -i............but invain. plz help.thanks,vishal
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