No CheckChanged event for DateTimePicker


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Aug 17, 2004
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I would like to be notified whenever a DateTimePicker with ShowCheckBox set to true is either checked or unchecked, but there is no CheckChanged event for the DateTimePicker class. The ValueChanged event fires when the field is checked, but not when it is unchecked. Short of writing an inherited control, does anyone know how to receive notification when a DateTimePicker is unchecked?
Thank you for the reply TPM but the Click event does not apply to the DateTimePicker class. I'd thought to do that myself, but the help topic on the Control.Click event lists the controls that raise the Click event, and the DateTimePicker is specifically mentioned as not.
For anyone who's interested, in .NET 1.1 the ValueChanged event is raised on a DateTimePicker when the Checked property is set to True but not when it is set to False. This has been fixed in .NET 2.0, making my desired CheckChanged event much less important, although it would still be nice.